Monday, January 07, 2008

xkcd: Ron Paul Edition

Alt: Ron Paul wants to put the New Republic back on the Corusca gem standard.

By the way, you may have seen or heard the term "Paultard" here and on other blogs. In case you are the husband of the girl at my friend's birthday party Saturday night, you don't qualify (that I know of). To be a Paultard, you have to post obnoxious comments on blogs such as this, expressing your outrage that someone disagrees with you on the most holy of holy subjects, Ron Paul. It helps if you ignore rules of grammar, punctuation and/or paragraph breaks. The less sense you make, the more "'tarded" you are considered. But, you get the most points for thinking you're making sense while totally lying out of your ass. You choose.

Anyway I didn't call you a Paultard, no matter what your inebriated wife may have told you over the phone. But, if you'd like to post below to get the Paultard label, feel free.

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  1. How dair ewe kritisize the man who single handedlee savz a milyuns of innosent babies every day befour hez even had his Wheaties! Our ewe a communist?

    Just kidding. Kind of jealous you've run into a PaulTard in person. I've been on a quest to do so. Not just a supporter, but a real life "I'm printing my own money in my basement" Ron Paul campaigner.


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