Sunday, January 27, 2008

Save the Date! Obama is Coming!

If you haven't yet heard, Senator Barack Obama will be coming to Salt Lake next Saturday, February 2. There are basically no details available yet, but as soon as there are, they'll be made public. I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. I'll make you a deal. If the pro-Obama bloggers can refrain from posting anti-Hillary ("Hillary Hates Utah!") posts for three whole days, I'll give Obama at least $500 (through an intermediary; gotta keep that anonymity). ;-) (I'm just trying to foster a united front here in Utah, since any of the Dems is better than any of the Repubs this time around.)

  2. VoU, well, as much as I'd love to make that deal, I have just a couple of objections. :)

    One, I can't control the pro-Obama bloggers. I don't have that much respect around here. ;)

    Two, I don't have a problem with anti-Hillary statements, only with personal attacks or twisting things to make her sound bad. I've called people on that a few times, actually.

    Besides, the FEC says you can't give through an intermediary.

    And after what Hillary's supporters did on the Trib's announcement of Obama's visit, I don't have much desire to smile and act like it's ok.

  3. Oh, man, you've got to learn not to read the Trib comments. I don't; it's too painful at times (although not as bad as I do think it's funny (odd?) that there haven't been many, if any, blog posts attacking Obama. And yes, I do consider what I've been reading, mostly on Bob's website, to be attacks on Hillary. Maybe most active bloggers are pro-Obama, so there aren't enough of us pro-Hillary types out there to stir up trouble. :-) I just don't think it helps the Democratic cause in Nov '08 -- which I assume is the #1 priority for all of us -- for pro-Obama and pro-Hillary supporters to foster division like I've seen.

  4. VoU, I totally get what you are saying, and I mostly agree. But, before I was ever an Obama supporter, I had issues with Hillary. And I don't believe that a Hillary nomination will be good for our party or our country. Now, if we could substitute Edwards in this conversation, I would wholeheartedly agree. I don't think Edwards is the best choice, and I have 1 or 2 issues with him, but I'm not afraid of him as president.

    I do mostly try to avoid saying much negative about Hillary, I really do. But, when I hear about things like the manuals that she published in Nevada, I get so mad that I want to scream and yell and shake anyone who could truly support her after taking a good long look.

  5. Misty, I totally understand your concerns about Hillary. I'm not 100% enamored myself, and if Obama gets the nomination, I will be thrilled to vote for him. I don't have any objections to people expressing preferences, or sharing concerns like you have, or comparing their positions, or all that good stuff. I think it was just the "Hillary Hates Utah!"-type post that turned me off, but that wasn't on your site. I probably should be posting all this somewhere else. But I appreciate the opportunity to talk this kind of stuff over with you.

  6. Yeah, "Hillary hates Utah" turns me off, too. If someone wants to get others not to like her, they should be providing some actual reasons, and by not doing so, they are just making themselves look stupid.


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