Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things You Must Read - Your Special Weekend Edition

Ironic Headline of the Weekend: Anti piracy group 'breaks law' to track file sharers

Gold's Gym, porn haven for weak souls. Speaking of porn havens, the owner of Clean Flicks, Daniel Dean Thompson, must have been into cleaning up films to get his jollies.

Can you tell me which of these headlines is satire?
  • Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'
  • How Clinton Will Win the Nomination By Losing South Carolina
Did you know it takes a database to track the Bush Lies? 935 have been documented for your gut displeasure. I wonder how many they missed? Alison Jackson has a series of photo artwork featuring George W Bush that many may find interesting, though I will give a warning that this artist has other work that may offend innocent eyes.

Paul The Wine Guy has some interesting artwork (like all artwork, some of the more sensitive may be offended, as may your employer). One of his projects is apparently translating art into geekspeek.

Yay to Whole Foods for ditching plastic in favor or reusable! I still get weird looks at Smith's when I bring my grocery totes with me. They either haven't seen them before, or they have and want to charge me for them again.

Raise your hand if you have ever heard "wine coolers" or "flavored malt beverages" called "alco-pops" by someone who drinks them. [I'll wait, go ahead] Ok, no one? That's what I thought. Actually, if someone had said something about alco-pops before this media and conservative political push to get them banned from grocery stores, I would have thought they were something similar to jell-o shots.

Patent law reform, anyone?

Here's a great quote I missed from last week (I'm still catching up on blogs): The difference between Romney and McCain is that the press hates Romney for lying to them, while McCain has figured out how to get them to lie for him.

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