Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama Won! (And some thoughts on the rest of it, too)

So, I'm guessing that even considering the title of this blog, it's no news to you, gentle reader, that Obama won the Iowa caucus. (Yay!)

But, there's a slight possibility that you might not know that Dodd dropped out. Or that Biden dropped out. I hope to see Dodd for...well, something, because he rocks. And when Kucinich drops out then...Kucinich for Constitution Czar. I'm sure Biden is worthy of something, but I think I'll leave that to JM Bell (who I hope someday might see reason and come back over to the Obama camp). [See update below]

Anyway, I'm putting on a pundit hat, and telling you that I figured out why Huckabee won the Iowa Republican vote! I bet you're still scratching your head over that one. Or, well...I was, till I figured it out.

See, as I predicted earlier, there was a record number of Democrats that turned out.

So, here's a bit of punditry. I think that Huckabee won the Republican vote for one reason. Republicans and independents deserted, to have a choice in the Democratic nomination, because the Republican party has disgusted them, as of late. That meant that the "evangelical candidate" (Huckabee) still got the hardcore votes, while the rest of the votes went over to the Democratic side.

My next prediction is that McCain takes New Hampshire.

Now, it's really late and time for me to head to bed. But, I have to point out one thing to any of you who watched the speeches that were made after the results came in. There was a distinct difference between the speeches of Edwards and Clinton versus Obama's speech. Clinton got cheesy and tried to pretend she won, which made me want to throw up, so I ran for another room. I like Edwards a lot, but his speech disappointed me more than anything else he's done. He went for the Democratic version of fear mongering, telling us how bad the healthcare system is. How hopeless it is, since a young girl who needs surgery dies just as protesters convince the insurance company to pay for the surgery, and about 15 or 20 other stories just as depressing.

The other thing about both of their speeches was the number of times "I" was used. Their speeches were about themselves.

Obama's speech was so completely opposite! He talked about "we", "us" and "you" a lot, and rarely used "I". In addition, he talked about fixing the system, and said it could be done, and offered ways of fixing it. Edwards made must of us feel like it was time to check into the suicide ward, because things are just too broken and too horrid.

Ok, one other thing, and then I'm off. We had about 40 people sign up for the Watch Party, and had over 100 show up. WOW! There was a huge amount of energy in the room the entire time. Tuesday's New Hampshire Watch Party is going to be amazing! (We're having parties for all 4 early elections, as well as Super Tuesday)

If anyone has photos, please send them to me. Let me know if you need an email address.

Fired up! Ready to go!

[Update] Boy, late night blogging doesn't become me. My reference to Biden and JM Bell above should be read more as I don't know what cabinet position Biden would be best suited for, but since Bell likes him so much, he probably would have better advice on that number.


  1. Anonymous08:37

    Thanks for linking to the numbers (I had been hoping to see the level of turnout in Iowa).

    As for those Biden - I think he would have made a decent President, but since he's dropping out he'd make a great VP adding his years of experience to augment Obama's optimism and charisma.

  2. Yeah, I'm with David.

    Biden, Clark or Richardson for VP.

    BTW: I never left the Obama camp, I jest appreciate the unfiltered messaging style of Joe Biden.

  3. :)

    I know you never left the Obama camp, which is why I still have your Obama t-shirt whenever you're ready for it.


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