Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Running Low on Ballots [Update]

According to Hotline on Call, Democratic ballots in New Hampshire are running low.
The New Hampshire secretary of state's office is in the process of locating extra ballots to ship to towns that have expressed concern that supplies are running low. The worry is primarily on the Democratic side, officials say.

"The towns that are calling now are experiencing heavy turnout, and see their piles of ballots starting to drop at a rate faster than they're comfortable with," said Dave Scanlan, deputy secretary of state. "They're also stating to us that it's the Democratic ballots that have them more concerned than the Republican ballots."

Apparently, they were already expecting 500,000 voters, which would be a new state record. I think the key factor here is that the Democratic Primary is very exciting. People from all campaigns are motivated in a way they either have never been, or haven't been in a very long time. Over on the Republican side, there's just not as much excitement for the average voter. Of course, there are people from each campaign who are staunch supporters of their candidate, but the most exciting one is Ron Paul, and he's got maybe 10% of the vote. So, it seems that, just as in the Iowa primary, the New Hampshire primary may be set to have record numbers of Democrats turn out to vote.

Wouldn't it be exciting to have record Democratic voters turn out for this primary here in Utah?

[UPDATE] Great minds think alike.

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  1. Anonymous16:38

    High turnout is likely to favor Obama again - now that's happy news.


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