Thursday, January 31, 2008

Undocumented Immigranats to Lose Driver Privilege Card?

This is a really dumb idea. The House has approved a bill to repeal Utah's Driver Privilege Card law.

Who in their right mind thinks that illegal immigrants are going to come here so that they'll break fewer laws (i.e. they get a driver privilege card)?

How many murderers, terrorists, gang members and sex offenders come from the immigrant population? Seriously! And if these horrible members of society are going to break every other law, why would they go through the trouble of coming here just so they "can get the card and use it for illegal activity"?

It would be much better to have all these people driving around (which they will do anyway) without insurance? Nice. Really nice. I'm glad we have such intelligent people running things.


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  1. I agree and think you worded it very well. I hope you sent a letter to your representative. Let them know.


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