Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can We Please Hire Someone With Half A Brain? [Updated for clarification]

Representative Brad Daw is yet another elected official who doesn't have a clue about technology. Hey, that's ok by me. As long as said official is willing to get the advice of people who do have a clue. Daw, however, is not. He wants to shut down open wireless, such as Pete Ashdown's service through Xmission. Check out what Pete has to say.

I haven't yet read the text of this bill, but the most obvious thing to me is that if a kid has a laptop and is being left alone to use it, and the parents haven't put filters or protective software on it, there's a pretty bad parenting issue going on.

Oh, and what about companies where open wireless is a necessity?

There are a lot of reasons why this is a bad idea. I think this may become my pet project for a while (secondary to the Obama campaign, which has precious little time left [see Update]).

I asked Pete what we, as citizens, should and could do about this. For starters, call AND write to Rep. Daw. Secondly, join the UTPoliTech list and watch for news. If I have time before showdown on this bill, I'll be trying to organize as many of us as find this important, to actively work against it. Please do join that list, or if you don't want to (it's low-volume), let me know directly, and I'll try to keep you informed of any action taken.

[Update] By "precious little time left" in reference to the Obama campaign, I just mean that the primary race is almost over, and that is my entire scope of view for the presidential race right now. And with Utah (and 22 other states) having their primaries on February 5, there really isn't much time left! And the heaviest part of my involvement with the campaign will be over, and things will go back to "normal", whatever that is, so I'll have more time to pick up a new pet project.

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