Friday, January 25, 2008

Things You Must Read - Your FISA Friday Edition

My boyfriend just got a new Ford Escape Hybrid. I love driving it. It's like some kind of VR video game where you try to keep the little meter above 59.9 MPG, so it says "Maximum" and then you feel like an Environmental Superhero.

You'd think that with McCain's hero status as a POW, he'd try to avoid traitors.

QOTD: "For one cold night in Iowa, Barack Obama brought America together: liberal and conservative, black and white, male and female, rich and poor, young and old. At that moment, anything seemed possible.

Fortunately, it's not too late to be on the right side of history."

Jon is right. Bush really does look happiest playing on the toys.

I keep saying this, but A Vote For Hill is Not a Vote for Bill.

Before I forget again - much thanks goes to UDOT for painting the lower sides of the barricades between I-80 east and west bound in a reflective yellow paint, and painting the lane stripes more frequently. Now if they would just put taller barricades in, so that the oncoming traffic doesn't blind me so that I can see the paint on the roads and barricades. I'm just never happy, am I?

Is Bush going to invade California, next? Oh, what delicious visions of Bush vs. the Terminator that gives me!

It's so nice to see justice served. I honestly think that part of the answer to crime is that the punishment should really fit the crime, as it did here.

For anyone who doesn't support impeachment, how about you answer for me why someone could be arrested for telling Cheney his Iraq policies suck? I'm guessing though that no one has told Mr. Howard that the First and Fourth Amendments are among the majority of Amendments which have been suspended for our "protection", since he seems to be complaining about it.

If the RIAA didn't enjoy harassing people with lawsuits as a sustitute way of making money now that their business plan has failed, they might consider checking out Paulo Coelho's sucessful business model of helping people pirate his books.

Mosquitoes engineered to die a young and sudden death, unless they are given an antibiotic? Nah, nothing could go wrong there.

Presidential candidates are courting Utah like never before. Is it because Utah's 23 delegate votes that are up for grabs will make that big of a difference? Well, with 2,025 being the magic winning number, I'm not sure that our 1.13% is going to be that huge. I think that part of this is that the candidates are competing against each other, and in order to stay on message, they have to include Utah, as well. And it's close enough that our "piddling" amount might just be the deciding number. But, over all, I think it's because Utah Democrats are excited and involved like they haven't been in the past. Many of the "activists" seem to have come out of nowhere, and the excitement is contagious. So, I think the biggest reason for the attention we're getting is because we're demanding it, and we never did before.

In general, I think that people who are debt collectors are pretty miserable people, or at least have miserable jobs. But, can you imagine this phone call:
Hi, Mrs. Smith. I'm with Veteran's Affairs, and I'm calling about your son Johnny's account with the VA. When he died from that roadside bomb in Iraq, we had overpaid his GI Bill benefits, so you need to pay up.

I think Rob Miller ate the wrong kind of mushrooms or something. That or he's trying his hand at writing, and considering crossing the writer's strike picket line. Ah, well. It made me laugh.

Let me give you a piece of advice. If you don't want the world to see something, don't put it online.

Does Bill have a fetish we don't know about?

According to the Deseret News, there's a rumor that Barack will be back before February 5. (Trust me, I'll be blogging this if it ever becomes more than a rumor) But, the interesting part is a quote from Rep. Jackie Biskupski: 'Democrats statewide "are completely energized by what's happening with Hillary.' Ummm, energized by what? Because the closest thing to anything 'happening with Hillary' that she'll send her hubby and her kiddo, but not bother to show up herself? Seriously, though - I know there are Hillary supporters here, but I haven't seen any sort of "energized" groups. What am I missing?

That's it for today. Don't forget to join me at HQ tomorrow (1747 South 900 West) for the canvassing starting at 9:30. We'll be having a South Carolina Watch Party, but it will be in the back room, since the main area is being taken up by staffers and volunteers making nonstop phone calls. As always, feel free to bring drinks or snacks with you to share, but join us whether or not you bring anything! (I'll blog this as soon as I finalize details.)

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