Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kucinich urges supporters to back Obama

Today, Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave an endorsement of sorts to Senator Obama. He made a statement to his supporters in Iowa that if he didn't meet the viability threshold of 15%, that he hoped they would support Obama as their second choice.
"This is obviously an 'Iowa-only' recommendation, as Sen. Obama and I are competing in the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday where I want to be the first choice of New Hampshire voters," Kucinich said in a statement.

"I hope Iowans will caucus for me as their first choice this Thursday, because of my singular positions on the war, on health care, and trade. This is an opportunity for people to stand up for themselves. But in those caucus locations where my support doesn't reach the necessary threshold, I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make Barack Obama their second choice. Sen. Obama and I have one thing in common: Change."

The article also Senator Obama's response, as does the campaign blog.

This comes just a day after the Des Moines Register released a new poll showing Obama leading by the widest margin that any candidate has all year.
Obama was the choice of 32 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers, up from 28 percent in the Register's last poll in late November, while Clinton, a New York senator, held steady at 25 percent and Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, was virtually unchanged at 24 percent.

Thursday is going to be a really interesting day!

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  1. Anonymous21:59

    So now we hope that Kucinich gets between 10 and 14% in each caucus location and that his supporters take his advice, giving Obama a 12% boost across the state and a wide margin of victory.


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