Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things You Must Read - Your Tuesday Debate Edition

Tonight is the Democratic debate on MSNBC at 7:00 MST. Don't miss it! (Utah for Obama is hosting a Watch Party, with a Volunteer Informational Meeting at 6:00)

Where Obama Stands: On Poverty is a great way to find out Obama's policy stances, and provides a way for you to provide your own feedback on the subject. (I've had response and know that ideas can and do make it to the Senator)

Texas (my home state) may wind up going to Kucinich. Or at least dozens of their votes. It's always nice when you can identify with a presidential candidate on something. Though some fear it may be the end of times.

While the GOP candidates made an appearance at the N.A. Auto Show, I'd like to remind you that Senator Obama didn't just make an appearance, he told them like it was, and still got a standing ovation.

Obama got 2,500 to show in Reno, NV. I wonder how many will show in Elko this Friday? My sister got there today and gives many good reports (and previously unknown information about the Senator's Elko trip while I will happen to be there! W00t!)

I refuse to link to any of this, but there's a big "scandal" because a "precinct captain" put out a flier titled "You can be a Democrat for one day", which has all sorts of people up in arms. Seriously, I and others here in Utah call dozens of people every day who agree to be Precinct Captains. They are very important to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, but they are volunteers, and not "screened" in any way, nor should they be. I'm glad this is the worst thing anyone can find on the Obama campaign.

I'll be heading to the SL County Clerk's office to cast my ballot for Obama prior to heading out tomorrow.

Ok, Ok. Enough Obama stuff. It's just hard, because I'm seriously "Fired up! Ready to go!" and I need some kind of outlet, ok? ;)

My favorite Military blogger, or at least one of my top two favorites, has announced that he will be blogging at Vet Voice, VoteVet.org's blogging group.

Ever get lost in the grocery? Well, Microsoft will fix that! (P.S. Buy Local!)

Don't have a "Life Plan"? Well, maybe you need a 12-year old plan.

Mayor Becker seems to be getting it right so far. Think he'll wind up with a better score than Congress? (Hint: I think Rocky scored higher, even among Utahns. Get a Democratic president if you want a Democratic Congress to do anything more than block bills)

The 2008 Legislative Gala is this weekend.

New Hampshire starting their re-count tomorrow. Thanks Kucinich!

On January 30, there's a free screening of the movie "Freedom from Abuse of Power" along with a discussion led by Tim Chambless.

Keith Olbermann wrote his first diary at Daily Kos today. Apparently, the comments crashed the servers.

Democracy for America has the 2008 training scheduled. It looks like Utah didn't make the list, but at least there's still Night School.

In the interest of politics and technology, Slashdot is setting up "Ask the Presidential Candidates".

And the daily edition of "The Terrorists are Coming! The Terrorists are Coming!" has to do with FISA, and Bush's "I am Lord and Master" mentality. If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny that people really fall for this, when the facts are considered along with the fear-mongering.

SL Weekly has posted some pretty awesome shots of the new weather tower going up on the Walker Center.

I generally like MSNBC, but this little bit about John Edwards being "just the white guy" was not ok.

Oooh! There's a debate about the debate!

Bob writes about local union busting, and puts a personal touch to the story.

We all survived the Y2K bug, but will we survive the Y2K38 bug? This Saturday begins the 30 year countdown to the date when that bug hits. Unfortunately, this could give new meaning to the "mortgage crisis". 30 year loans would be exceeding that date, and that could get real ugly, real fast.

I wasn't aware before now that Romney had such feelings for the "Mormon-owned newspaper". (I gotta say, though - I like Lisa Riley Roche! She was one of the most fun reporters I've interviewed with.) And wow...did he really say he tried to "use the connection"? Let's get this man in office!

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