Thursday, January 10, 2008

Financial Literacy, Thanks Senator Patricia Jones

Senator Patricia Jones made this announcement:
This session, I am sponsoring legislation which, if passed, will greatly broaden Financial Literacy Education in our public schools. It’s practical and smart. It was editorialized recently in the Deseret Morning News.

More than ever before, parents and grandparents believe it is vital to educate our young people to be financially responsible. Just take a look at today’s economy and you will see dire consequences of financial irresponsibility. It is critical for the stability of our families and will give our kids the ability to compete in today’s economic world.

She goes on to explain why this is needed, and better than the current financial literacy programs in schools.

I'm thrilled with this! I wasn't given much in the way of instruction on finances when I was growing up. And it's caused a lot of heartache and lessons learned the hard way in my life.

I don't think this is in any way a substitute for parents teaching their children how to handle money, but I do think that it will make our society as a whole better off. If the general attitude in society towards money is a responsible one, it benefits everyone.

So, thanks, Senator Jones! I plan to follow this and support the bill any way I can!

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