Monday, January 28, 2008

STD Prevention Fund Passes

Representative Phil Riesen has sponsored a bill that will fund educating the public about STDs, their consequences and where to get treatment.

Since this bill also requires the health department to inform people that abstinence and fidelity prevent the spread of STDs.

Apparently, Utah County, one of the most conservative counties in Utah, also has the 3rd highest rate of chlamydia cases.
Representative Lorie Fowlke testified in favor of the program, saying it is greatly needed, even in her district in conservative Utah County. That prompted a question from House Majority Whip Gordon Snow:

"Did you draw a correlation between these diseases and conservatism?" Snow asked.

"I guess you could make that argument," Fowlke responded.

Regardless of what your politics are, the fact of the matter is that STDs are preventable, and educating the public about them is vital. Since this bill does address the conservative ideal of abstinence, I have a feeling it will go all the way.

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