Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Primary

I need to make this brief, because it's time for bed, but here's a quick post about how tonight's New Hampshire watch party went. I think turnout was about 150, but I didn't get a count. It was definitely more packed than last time. We had Fox 13, KSL 5, and the Deseret News there. I don't know if I missed any other news organizations. I haven't had time to watch it, but here's KSL's coverage. We saw part of Fox while I was still there. They showed an interview with Theo, one of the Steering Committee Members. I think they also interviewed my sister, Jenee, but I'm not sure if it aired. I'm pretty sure there'll be a good article from the Deseret News tomorrow.

Obama apparently placed 2nd, with 80% of the votes in last I heard. Did we wish he had come in first? Hell yeah. Does it mean anything bad? Hell, no. If anything, it means we need to get more fired up. And we will!

Our 5 Iowa staffers got here tonight, including the new Utah State Director.

I'll have photos and more detail tomorrow.

One question - what was with Edwards giving the same downer of a speech??

Here's a teaser photo of when Barack was giving his speech:


If you were there and have other photos, please send them to me!

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  1. I thought Obama gave a great speech. "Yes we can" was well received and it will be interesting to see how the message resonates outside of New Hampshire.


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