Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[UtahforObama] 12 Utah Lawmakers Endorse Senator Obama [Updated]

Watch for this on the news tonight! (I wonder if this is "the big endorsement", or if we have something still in the works?)
11 Utah lawmakers Endorse Barack Obama
SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Today 11 Utah lawmakers endorsed Senator Barack Obama, citing his ability to unite the country and his judgment to lead the country forward.
"Barack Obama is the one candidate with the unique ability to unite people from different political backgrounds around a common purpose for change," said Rep. Brad King. "For those who want a change in direction, we believe Barack is the best person-- the most electable person-- to get us there."
"Obama, the one candidate who can unite America, will bring about real, meaningful change on the issues important to the people of Utah," added Rep. Carol Spackman Moss. "For those who want someone who will unite American again, I urge all Utahns to vote for Barack next Tuesday in the Democratic primary."
"We're yearning for a leader who is not driven by polls, but by principle; a leader who will fight for us not just when it's easy, but when it's hard; a leader who can actually work with the other party to make progress," said Senator Gene Davis. "That leader who can bring us together again is Barack Obama."
These endorsements, including five from Utah legislators in House and Senate leadership positions, come on the heels of Obama's historic win in South Carolina.
"To have the support of these community leaders is invaluable to our grassroots organization," said Senator Obama. "This grassroots movement in Utah will help us succeed on Tuesday, February 5 and will help bring about change we can believe in."
The following Utah leaders announced their support for Senator Obama today:
Senator Gene Davis-- Senate Minority Whip
Senator Scott McCoy
Representative Lynn Hemingway
Representative Christine Johnson
Representative Brad King-- House Minority Leader
Representative David Litvack-- House Minority Whip
Representative Phil Riesen-- Minority Caucus Manager & Utah State Rep. for Obama for America
Representative Jen Seelig
Representative Carol Spackman Moss-- Minority Assistant Whip
Representative Mark Wheatley
Representative Larry Wiley
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Erin Fitzgerald/ Andrew Savage: 312-505-4893
Shannon Gilson: 702-539-0796 (c)

Anne Filipic, the Utah State Director for the Obama campaign, added this in her email announcement:
Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this! The Obama campaign is honored to have the support of these 11 impressive members of the Utah Legislature, including leadership in the House and Senate. (Note that every member of the House Leadership team endorsed Senator Obama!)

We had a great press conference at the Capitol this afternoon. Check out the evening news for some press coverage!

[Update]Shortly after the above press release came this one:
Former utah Congressman BILL Orton Endorses Obama
DNC committeeman says Barack channels energy of jfk
SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- Former Congressman Bill Orton (D-UT), who served Utah in the United States Congress from 1991 to 1997, endorsed Senator Barack Obama today in his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.
"Barack Obama channels an energy of hope and inspiration I haven't seen since President Kennedy," said Orton. "He knows what this country needs and has the unique ability to unify our country to take us there. He will be a leader we can believe in again."
Orton represented the Third Congressional District of Utah for six years and currently serves as a Utah Democratic National Committeeman.
Congressman Orton's endorsement comes on the same day as 11 Utah lawmakers endorsed Senator Barack Obama at the Utah State Capitol.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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