Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who gets this xkcd?

The new xkcd:

And the alt - "And I was really impressed with how they managed to shock the Goatse guy."

It's really telling if you get this one without cheating or doing unwise internet searches (you really don't want to click that, I promise). Of course, having a prior roommate of mine who shall remain nameless (CoughMarkCough) send me a link and forever scarring me into twitching when I hear or read "Goatse" is my excuse. What's yours? Or are you claiming innocence?

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  1. OMG ... you linked the Goatse guy? In a post? That's not cool. LOL.

    And no, I don't get this cartoon either

  2. No, I didn't link the Goatse guy! I linked to a Google search!

  3. I know things aren't as funny when they have to be explained, but check out this explanation of rickrolling. The idea is that they've changed what's on the guy's tv from CNN to Rick Astly music.

  4. I'm claiming innocence although my co-SideTracker Craig (who will deny this) can tell you a great story about clicking on a link to be in a "free commercial" once which gave the entire technical department a virus.

    Also, I'm considering this a "have to get even" post, as I now have Rick Astley stuck in my head.

  5. Now if we can find a way to work tubgirl into the conversation, we've covered all of the bases.

  6. "...never gonna turn around and desert yoooooooou! (never gonna give, never gonna give)"

    Yep, now I'm humming it on the job.

    Plotting my revenge.


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