Monday, November 19, 2007

Obama's New Utah Field Director and Offices

This evening I had the privilege of meeting Aaron Wiley, the new Utah Field Director for Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign. Aaron is a recent graduate from the University of Utah, where he obtained his degree in Political Science, and was also the President of the Black Student Union. Aaron and his wife have two beautiful children, ages 15 months and 5 years. He comes to us from the campaign of Senator Gene Davis, where he started as the Deputy Director for the campaign, and is now the Director.

I met him at the new field office for Senator Obama here in Salt Lake City (which happens to be the only Presidential Campaign office in the state, at least for the moment). We are still setting up, but we'll have two offices, along with a phone banking area, a central gathering area, a large conference room with a projector that can hold nearly 150 people, and an executive conference room available.

We hope to be able to have the Open House sometime next week, and that information will be posted as soon as it's available.

If you are a supporter of Senator Obama, we will need your help, and as much of it as you can offer. We have a list of over 3,000 Utahns to call who have volunteered to help with this campaign, and our very first goal will be to reach them. As soon as the offices are stocked, we'll be sending out the call for people to come in and help us to call them.

Below are some photos I took earlier this evening. Unfortunately, I was not prepared with my "real" camera, so these are just from my phone. I'll post better ones as soon as I get them.

Main Conference Room
Here is our conference room, which has a projector and can hold around 150 people. That's Aaron off to the right.

Phone Banking Area
Here is the phone banking area.

Office 2
Here is our second office, just across from the one Aaron is set up in.

Gathering Area
Here is the gathering space.

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  1. I had a few good guesses as to who it would be, Aaron wasn't one of them.

    It'll be cool to have a field office for a presidential candidate here in Salt Lake. While visiting Des Moines it was a lot of fun to go from office to office harassing the already frazzled staffers. Maybe one day we can do the same thing here.


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