Friday, November 30, 2007

NORAD, Tracking Santa and the Magic of Technology

We all probably know how the tradition of NORAD tracking Santa began. But, we probably didn't know that Colonel Shoup's granddaughter works for Google:
It just so happens that Colonel Shoup is my grandfather, which is why I'm so excited that, 52 years later, Google is joining the effort. This holiday season, NORAD has partnered with Google to use technology including Google Maps, Google Earth, iGoogle and YouTube to track Santa. I can remember tracking Santa with my grandfather as a child, and I'm so proud to see my company carry on his vision of doing something this special for kids around the world.

The countdown begins December 1st on NORAD's website, where families can find a new kid-friendly game or activity every day until December 24th. And starting at 1:00 am PST on December 24th, you'll be able to track Santa's trip in real time. You can download Google Earth and add the NORAD Tracks Santa iGoogle gadget to your iGoogle page anytime, but make sure to come back to on December 24th to download the special Santa Tracking file for an enhanced 3D Santa-tracking experience.

If you don't already have Google Earth, go download it. Those kids in 1955 may have been able to use the latest technology from NORAD to track Santa, but watching him in 3D is something I'll bet they never dreamed of.

And for all you people out there who don't like the Christmas season, I think you should let go a little, and remember what Christmas was like as a child, or at least what you think that it should be like. Let the magic in. And track Santa in 3D this Christmas Eve!


  1. Anonymous13:24

    This is fabulous, I've forwarded this info to everyone I know with kids!


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