Monday, November 05, 2007


I just got a call from Sampan. I placed an online order with them, and they called to find out if we were out of their delivery area, because my tip was "big". It turns out that since my street is a name, and not a number, and doesn't include N, E, S or W in any form, they didn't know right off where it was. And on top of their $3 delivery charge, I put an $8 tip for a $40 check. So, they figured I must be over on the west side, where the Sugar House location doesn't deliver to.

The conversation went something like this (imagine the heavy oriental accent to the lady's voice, I can't figure out how to add it in):
Me: Hello
Sampan: Misty?
Me: Yes
Sampan: Hello, I was just calling to confirm your location. You are #### and is that North or South?

Ok, let me interrupt. We're like 4 turns off of any major road. And our address is confusing. In fact, if you include the E, S, N or W, we don't exist, according to services like Google Maps. So, I figured they had looked us up, and we didn't exist, so that was why they called.
Me: Oh, yes. That is actually east. We're not too far from #### South, but you probably want to give your driver directions from a map, because we're several turns from the main road.
Sampan: Ok, so what is your West?
Me: No, not West. It's East. The #### is East, and the street is just north of #### South.
Sampan: Oh, so you are not in the West, because we cannot deliver there.
Me: No, we're east.
Sampan: Ok, well you gave $11 tip, is that right?
Me: I think so. $3 delivery charge and $8 tip, that's $11.
Sampan: Oh you are so nice!

Ummm, are there people out there that do not tip delivery well, when it's something that gets determined before you get your food? I hate getting cold food delivered, unless it's supposed to be. People, another $2 isn't gonna kill you, and if it does, you probably don't need to be ordering take-out. If you do, that driver probably needs the extra $2 far more than you. Tsk, tsk.

While I'm talking about it, Sampan has an awesome "appetizer" called the Bo Bo Platter For Two. If you're ever in doubt, try that. They also have locations in Jordan Landing and South Towne. And so much better than any chain store could be. Remember to Buy Local.

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  1. andrew19:24

    mmmm...I love sampan. Emperor's Treats are delicious.


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