Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tell America What It Means To Be Progressive (with video goodness!)

I just got an email from asking me to vote on (and then chip in to air) these ads. Since they're tiny on the MoveOn page, I thought I'd post them here, but don't forget to go vote for your favorite!

"America At It's Best"

"The Progressive Movement"

"Progressive VS Conservative"

"Progress Is American"

Here's what I thought, in order.

"America At It's Best" seemed a little bland to me. I don't think the point gets across to anyone.

"The Progressive Movement" was my favorite at first, because I think it expressed what progressive means and might have the widest appeal. But, on watching it a second time, I realized that only the video told the audience anything, and the audio doesn't get any point across. And the text of the video moves so fast that I don't know if the average person could read it all.

"Progressive VS Conservative" was my least favorite because I think it comes off as attacking conservatives, and does little to promote progressives. It would leave people feeling defensive, rather than open to the progressive message.

"Progress Is American" is what I ended up voting for. It's amusing, and my personal belief is that all commercials suck unless they're at least amusing, if not downright funny. It also gets the message through via audio, with the video being a reinforcement of the message. It brings up positive ideas about the progressive movement, without putting anyone on the defense.

What did you think?

[Update] Ok, so I forgot JM Bell posted two of these last week, but I still say my post is better. :-P


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