Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DFA Won't Settle For Hillary?

I just got this email from Democracy For America.
Dear Misty,
Fight for a Progressive President. Support DFA with $15 Right Now.

The mainstream media and Beltway pundits have made up their minds. The Presidential Primary is already over.

Not so fast. The media isn't going to vote on caucus day -- but we are.

That's why Dennis Kucinich fought hard for your support in the DFA Pulse Poll.

Why John Edwards was first to respond to DFA members with his positions on Iraq and Global Warming.

Why Barack Obama is using DFA Training Academy materials to give his supporters the skills to win.

You know that primaries matter -- and this primary is the biggest of them all. Democracy for America is not going to let the pre-ordained front runner walk away without a fight.

Chip in $15 right now and support DFA's fight for a Progressive President.


Last week over 150,000 DFA members voted in our Presidential Primary pulse poll. No candidate was able to walk away with a majority, but one thing was clear. DFA members will not settle for the pundit's top choice.

DFA members are the boots on the ground fighting for progressive change. We are the caucus-goers, the early primary voters, the ones whose votes actually count.

DFA members support bold candidates with big ideas. Progessive candidates like Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards and Barack Obama. DFA members support candidates who are going to take our country in a new direction, stand for principles and make change happen.

We will not triangulate a third way. This race is not a foregone conclusion. Support DFA with a $15 contribution right now.


Together, we will show the pundits that primaries matter.

Thank you for putting your contribution into action.


Rachel Moss
Finance Director

There are a few things I picked up in reading this. The very first point was that the Chosen One of the media (Hillary) hasn't already won the Primary. Then they mention Kucinich, Edwards and Obama in a rather positive light. Just in case a person didn't already see what they were getting at, that was followed up with saying they weren't going to "let the pre-ordained front runner walk away without a fight".

They all but say that Hillary isn't progressive, and they don't think she should be in office.

The bold type was DFA's, and not mine, so I think the impressions I got were the ones they wanted me to have. I wonder how big of a ripple this will make in the end, but I have to say I'm highly impressed that they would do this, and I hope that other Democratic organizations will take their lead and not be afraid of pissing Hillary off. Because they're right - this race is not a foregone conclusion. We should be voting for who we think is the right person, and not who the media tells us has already won.

Now if we could just get Gore to tell us who he's endorsing.


  1. I had similar thoughts when I got the same email. Very interesting.

    Made me a little nervous that they kept putting Kucinich first when listing progressive candidates. I don't mind that the aliens are talking to him, but it bothers me he hasn't told us what "directions" they gave. Heh.

    Still great to see activist groups like this pushing for the more progressive candidates though.

  2. What? You think communication with aliens wouldn't be progress?

  3. Kucinich won their straw poll by a fairly wide margin. I admire their restraint on that point.

    I'm agreeing with DFA on this. Enough, I think, that I'll throw them a donation next payday.

  4. Touche, Misty. Hadn't thought of it from that perspective.

    And I'm gonna have to follow Jeff's lead I think, and donate a bit. I like what they're doing.


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