Friday, November 30, 2007

Name That Rudy Scandal Contest

From Daily Kos:
Hey, kids! Can't get enough of the "Rudy expensed his adultery, then tried to cover it up" scandal, but starting to get sick of using all those words to convey what you're talking about? Sensibly refusing to lame out and call it "Rudy-gate?" Appreciative of all the hard work being done by the crack TPM investigative team on Rudy's sordid past, but not in love with TPM's "Shag Fund" sobriquet? Well, the DKos editorial team is right with you!

That's why we're inviting you to enter the 2008 Name That Rudy Scandal Contest. Somewhere out there, there's a clever Kossack that can perfectly and succinctly encapsulate the adultery, taxpayer abuse, and Nixonian coverup attempts that make this scandal so much fun.

Submit your entries below[original article here] in your comment's subject line. Explanations and whatnot can go in the comment body, though if your entry needs explaining, it's probably not that great. Enter as many times as you like. The winner will be selected today or tomorrow by the DKos editors, and will receive A) copious recognition for their contribution to the annals of American political history, and B) very possibly something tangible, TBA, at a later time.

Good luck, and good scandalmongering!

I think Sex on the City is my favorite, although Pay to Play was good, too.

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