Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salty Peaks, Ron Paul and the North American Union Myth

Salty Peaks Snowboard shop has a new commercial on X96, talking about the North American Union and saying that anyone who can disprove it will get a $2500 shopping spree at their store. They say to go to to find out more. The Salty Peaks Snowboard shop also has a link to that site at the very bottom of their web site.

Salty Peaks also happens to have a giant Ron Paul sign leaning against the base of their store sign by the road.

Now, I would dearly love to find an MP3 of this commercial, because I can't recall exactly what it says. How am I to win this $2500 if I can't have the details except on the radio?

Anyway, putting 2 + 2 together, I did a little Google search of the fear-mongering "informational" web site in question, and oddly enough, it mentions Ron Paul 117 times. All of these seem to be, of course, pro-Paul, since he wants to stop said union. A little more curiosity led me to find out that Barack Obama is mentioned about 60 times, Hillary about 80 times, John McCain about 127 times, Rudy Giuliani about 75 times and so on and so forth.

Of course, most of these mentions are on a message board, which you must be a member of to even view. Thankfully, Google has this nifty little caching feature, where you can view Google's copy of a page. Here's one message from their message board which I find interesting:
Mifflin's Sentries

Joined: Jul 16 2007

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:41 am Post subject:
We should of fought and stopped this crap years ago. It is so out of control right not we have to fight every day. They bring up one thing and the people get hot and they bring up something else to take the heat off the other. It's endless.
We need to get more people involved. It amazes me that well educated people don't have a clue about what is going on. Our country is being invaded and it's hard not to notice!
We need to keep fighting. We will only win if we get control of our representatives. I've noticed a lot of them are being very quiet now because they were slammed by the people they represent. But there are others like Kennedy that will fight for amnesty no matter what. And you can't trust any of them.
Bush thinks $3 million is too much to spend on securing our country, but he gives mulitple times that to La Raza organizations. Is there something wrong with this picture? Yes, Bush doesn't want the border. And why should he? If the SPP passes, the borders will have to be opened again. America will be gone forever.
Every day I hear and see more crap going on and it just tears me up. I am never going to give up the fight tho.
We need to promote candidates that are for America. Like Tancredo, Paul and Romney. Someone that is as appauled about what is going on as we are.
God bless America!
(emphasis mine)

So, here's the next response:
Site Admin

Joined: Jun 24 2007
POSTS: 682
Location: New Jersey

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:57 am Post subject:
this might interest you Very Happy

Working to get this information out. One step at a time and we're building momentum!

Look at Hunter, Tancredo, Steve King & DeFazio's amendments that MADE HISTORY this week! FIRST Anti-SPP amendments on legislation!!!
In Memory of "G" ~ USASA 66-70

So, I can't click through, since whenever you click a link to their forums, it redirects to a different page. I can't find that particular thread through the Google cache. And, there's no way to register, since clicking the register link also redirects you. I do wonder why these forums are so hard to get to - are they hiding something? What did that link that would make him "Very Happy" say?

The idea of the North American Union in ludicrous. It's the same sort of fear-mongering that GW has used to keep Americans "in-line" and supporting his "war on terror". Only, this N.A. Union bullshit is based on racism, scaring people into thinking that Mexicans are going to take over, and that they shouldn't be here because...well...they're Mexican. Ron Paul IS a racist, and that is why he has so many racist groups backing him, and why he has published racist statements, even though he attributes those statements to other people.

I don't feel a need to fight back against Ron Paul, because he stands no chance of being our next president.

However, Salty Peaks is wrong for their commercial, wrong for spreading lies and racism, and wrong for promoting that web site. That web site is wrong for the lies and racism, as well.

I generally shop local, and I haven't been inside of a Wal-Mart for a very long time. However, if I had the choice between Salty Peaks and Wal-Mart right now, I'd choose Wal-Mart.

If anyone has the Salty Peaks commercial available to listen to, please let me know. I'd even split the shopping spree with you.


  1. Anonymous07:06

    I heard the same commercial this last week and it made me almost spew coffee while driving. They will never pay out, I realized. They say (paraphrased) that they'll pay you to prove that the conspiracy doesn't exist. Well, that's proof of a negative (another Bushco tactic, btw) and by having two people who agree with this principle and act on it will make it a conspiracy by definition. Out of 300 million people in America, I'm sure you can find 2 people who think this is a good idea and will give money/time/action to it. Not only that, the mere fact it's on radio means this has made pretty substantial progress on the blogosphere somewhere and you'll never be able to satisfy their evidenciary requirements I'm sure.
    -Roomie :)

  2. Roomie,

    I'm pretty sure they'll never pay, as well. However, I would like to get the trash off the airwaves, and if that's not possible, at least let people know that Salty Peaks isn't worth shopping at anymore.

    - M

  3. Well if it helps any, you can Wikipedia the "North American Union" and they have official denials from all 3 North American government leaders. Also if you want the audio file you can record it from the 12-21-07 Radio From Hell show. It came on between 6:00 and 6:10am. Not sure of the exact time except I was driving to work when it happened.
    I do think however, that I am going to try and collect on their offer. If they refuse, technically it's possible to take them to court.


  4. UPDATE: I got the mp3. Here's a link to listen to it online

  5. UPDATE: I just found what I consider to be conclusive proof that the NAU does not, and will not ever, exist. It's even on an official government website. If I do get the prize I'll be sure to think of you though my wife keeps begging me to take up snowboarding with her so I likely won't give you much :P

  6. Ryan04:04

    Misty Fowler
    To begin with, this opinion is brought to you be a very conservative guy who has towed the conservative line for a long time. I don’t feel guilt for that as most liberals would have me do. I just made up my mind about issues based on the facts that were in front of me or were handed to me via whatever media outlet I happened across. Since I have begun more and more, especially over the last 6 months, seeking out information instead of waiting for what is handed to me via the radio, television, paper, or magazines, I have begun to see the world in a different light. I think you are missing the point of the commercial, maybe I am wrong. I believe the point of Salty Peaks commercial is not to dupe some loser into signing up at some website, or to give out $2500 dollars in snowboard junk, or even to increase their sales. The point is to get an American to read something. They are sincerely concerned about some things they are seeing. They understand how we Americans work. Most of us are paying too much attention to what the Spears family is doing or maybe Ms. Lohan, or Hilton, or what star might be dancing on television. Meanwhile there are wars and turmoil all over the world, but most of that is really really far away, right. Most of us Americans don’t bother to care much about all that unless it affects us directly. I understand that, it is hard to empathize with people on tv, it might as well be the latest Bruce Willis flick.
    There really are things going on that will affect you, not just some people on the tube. First of all, the money in your pocket right now is worth signifigantly less today than it was just short couple of years ago. In fact its probably worth less right now than it was yesterday. Why does China have so much of it’s wealth invested in dollars? If China sells out of the dollar and goes to the Euro, what then for the US? Many countries are considering selling out of the dollar, or at least diversifying. If the dollar continues it’s downward trend it will be worth virtually nothing when these countries sell it off. Other countries hold the fate of our currency, which is actually a global currency. That should bother you. Read about it. Google it. That is just an example of something that you might want to really look into yourself instead of just reading what the giant media outlets have to say about it. They are all parts of HUGE corporations and every one of those corporations has an agenda. I would be willing to bet they all have a common goal. They want more wealth and power. That really is the goal of all big business, and we all know, even the naïve among us , that the corporations are in power. Our politicians if you have not noticed are all pushing one agenda after another that is not about the best interest of the common American. Most major manufacturing has gone elsewhere for labor because they can make the same product or perform the same service for much much cheaper. Still selling that good or service to you at the same price or more. If the corporations moved jobs elsewhere to pass on the savings to the American consumer, one might argue that the move was in the best interest of the average American, but they don’t. They do it to make more money regardless of the effect on the American economy. They have a world economy to worry about now. So if the citizens of the United States must be hurt to make more money, then so be it. Do you think China has “our” best interest in mind. I strongly doubt it. Do you blame them? So who would stand to profit most from a hypothetical North American Union? The massive corporations would, and the world economy as a whole would benefit. They fund the politicians campaigns. Many of our highest politicians have ties to these businesses. If you read your history books you will find that humans have stuggled to dominate each other since records have been kept. Its almost like it is human nature, at least when power is involved. The common man that does not have power cares mostly about taking care of his family and the few things he does have power over. The very powerful man has almost always been corrupted and used his power to dominate people and extort more power and wealth. I know all they talk about in history class is blah blah blah such and such date and such and such event blah blah. But most of those stories if you can remember were about wars, assinations, coup d etat, tyrannous dictatorial leaders, genocides, religious corruption, and mostly just about power changing hand from one tyranny to another tyranny. A free society, with a few exceptions, is a new idea. If you go check your history you’ll see that freedom experiments, like America fail eventually and those societies are enslaved and dominated again by another immoral power hungry tyrant. I think you are naïve to think that anyone that wants your money is your friend. The cycle of power and corruption has not changed since those books were written. Humans need for power and domination over others has not subsided. “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” I am sure you have heard that quote by Lord Acton.
    I guess my point is that there is a lot more to this North American Union than you have found. I wish Salty Peaks had not told you were to start looking into it. They should have jus t said Google it. Try it. Don’t just read one site. Read many. Are you willing to form your opinion based on one website that you didn’t feel like signing up to read? If you do do some research you will find that there are thousands and thousands of websites that talk about this, and there is more than enough evidence that it exists. Not the least of which is the Whitehouse’s own website. Our President did sign an agreement with those two countries. It was not debated in our congress, and was voted on by our congress or the people. Dammit look this stuff up. Salty Peaks just wants to bring some attention to something that is going on that makes no sense for the common man at all. It does for the rich man but would the rich man do such a thing to the common man? You tell me. Watch these to begin with. Then just surf around the sites you run into when you google it. You'll see there is more there than most of the huge media outlets are saying. Some things that might make you wonder at least. Food for thought lets say.

  7. Hey, Ryan, c'mere ...

    Either use paragraph breaks or STFU, please. If you can't take the time to make your manifesto easy to read and helpfully presented, then your wackado ramblings will most likely be ignored.

    I didn't make it much past the Grammar glitch in the first sentence before I started thinking you might be a little unbalanced.

    Also, Try to be timely. This post is more than a month old, pal. There are plenty of us writing more recent post about how insane Ron Paul's supporters are, even on this wonderful blog.

    Lastly, do Ron Paul a favor, take your lengthy missive like the one you've posted here, and grab a few of your buddies that are doing the same bizarre comments spamming, and start your own blog.

    Now, here's the part that helps Ron Paul, and the more of you Ron Paultards that do this the better ...

    1. Keep giving money to Ron Paul
    2. Change the name "Ron Paul" in every post you do, and every comments section that you tag, change it to "Mitt Romney."

    Trust me, if enough of you Paultards do step #2, Mr. Paul's polling numbers will shoot up, and Romney's will plummet.

    It's a win/win, really, because I like Dr. Paul a lot more than I like Romney. If you guys are going to sink a candidate by acting this way, perhaps you might want to target on YOU DON'T LIKE! see?

  8. Anonymous15:06

    Here's my contribution to the "union" being a bunch of crap:

  9. Anonymous21:25

    Go back to sleep America. Go back to your Gladiators and Idols on TV. It's not like there is a real life war going on in your name with your money. It's not like our day of labor is becoming worth less and less each day.

    Go ahead prove Salty Peaks wrong and take your money. Or else look into why so many people are passionate about this issue and find out some facts.

  10. Awwww, thanks! I'm so glad that you commented tonight! I was actually feeling very lonely, and not sure why I was being ignored by the Paultards.

    Much love!

  11. Anonymous14:30

    Wow - I've been hearing these ads on the radio for a few weeks now. The first one I heard stated that neither Dennis Kucinich nor Ron Paul were members of the CFR. Now that Kucinich is out of the race, the commercial names Ron Paul ("who supports the Constitution", thereby implying that none of the other candidates do) only.

    1) The NAU conspiracy theory is just that, a theory. It's ridiculous.

    2) I'll never patronize that shop, nor will anybody I know.

    3) Since only one candidate is mentioned in the commercials, albeit in an underhanded manner, does this count as an actual commercial for the candidate? Do other candidates get equal airtime on this station (my favorite station, btw, but these ads really make me question this).

  12. Anonymous23:11

    hi misty
    one of my employees recently brought your blog to my attention about the NAU being a myth and the hate you were spewing about salty peaks for trying to educate others.

    i am the guy that wrote and ran the radio adds you are trying to dispel and i would love to help educate you further if you are not above learning.

    i can get you copies of the adds and discus the merits with you and i could only hope i was wrong, and if i am wrong the 2500.00 i would pay out to know my country's sovereignty was not threatened would be a small price to pay.

    however i can see from reading your blog you are defiantly drinking the punch when it comes political manipulation. you are similar to the republicans in resorting to name calling and non issue accusations to divert from the conversation , but then again if i only knew what the network news put on my plate i guess barrack would be my man to.

    but aren't you concerned about how close the race is ? after all you only see Obama signs around, the excitement and size of Obama supporters vastly outweighs McCain's but Obama's not running away with it why?

    well it does have allot to do with the CFR as do many of today's problems i can tell you now that as much as i dread the thought of "president McCain" the CFR has already picked McCain as you're next president they will secure a close win with rigged electronic voting as they have done in the past , of course i don't expect you to believe it or anything else i say but by the time you realize i'm right it will be to late.

    i will return to the states in mid Sept and i would love to sit down with you and discuss the merits and prove the NAU is in fact happening and has been happening for many years , did you happen to see the tribune front page story of Aug 7th? about how the Latino population in Utah is up by huge margins across the state.

    you will find similar Latino population increases across the nation including Hawaii.
    i was there just a few short weeks ago and was surprised to see heavy play from TV adds that prompted employers to only hire legal workers and not illegals

    IF YOU CARE AT ALL ABOUT YOU'RE COUNTRY and want me to lay out the facts that prove the NAU is a reality i would love to spend the time to get you educated about the issue.

    if it can be done in a public setting so your followers could attend this would be even better
    i hope you will take me up on this offer and not just resort to name calling and sticking your head back in the sand

    you can reach me at
    i may not be able to respond till the end of September

  13. Oooooh take Anonymous up on this offer Misty! Paultards in public!

    Anonymous, do you guys also do "9/11 Truther" presentations, and what's the schedule on getting something like that together. What about Bigfoot, or are those shows off until after November.

    What about balloon animals? And should we bring our own "Orange Drink" for the crowd this will surely generate, or is that provided by "The Movement." Oh, and one last question, if we charge for this presentation you're offering to give (you know, just to cover the fees for the location), do we charge US Dollars, or those Ron Paul Press bills you guys were making back in April?

  14. Anonymous13:30

    so i guess you are above learning.
    you choose to ignore the facts and choose not to debate the issue about the nau.

    for you i will make it a 5,000 spree so you have plenty to spread around with your head in the sand supporters but you know you cant debate the facts so you run from them.

    in the near future you will realize the parts of the puzzel are coming together and start to see the affects of the nau affecting you personally , then you might have intrest in learing more but unfortunantly it will be to late by the time you wake up.

    does the current banking industry consolidation mean anyhitng to you?
    is it something they never saw coming?
    thank god we have leaders that know how to deal with it???
    or is it a forced consolidation for other reasons?

    are currancies around the world holding thier individual values or are they being equaled out across the planet?

    is immigration increasing or decreasing?

    is your standard of living going up or going down?

    i wont rub it in your face if you decide you want to know more as my goal it to educate,
    not to insult and belittle , you do that just fine on your own.

    give me a ring or shoot me an email lets talk !

    keep an ear out for new adds that will run next week


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