Monday, December 10, 2007

Volunteer for The US Marine Corps this Christmas - Marines Undermanned for Toys For Tots

Thanks to JM Bell for leading the effort to getting the word out about this.

The United States Marine Corps Reserve in Utah is in dire need of volunteers to help out with this year's annual US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Campaign.

90% of the Marine force in Utah is busy this holiday season. 180 Marines currently deployed in Iraq and another 100 busy training for their 2008 deployment means that there are not enough Marines in Utah to pick up and distribute toys.

The Marines are very short staffed for the distribution weeks and need your help. They especially need some people that speak Spanish to assist with translation.

Round up your family and friends and join the US Marines for a grand holiday experience.

Please, cut and paste this post and email to anyone you know who can make the time to do a little with the men and women who do so much.


Laura Sexton

For readers in other states, visit Toys For and look for a volunteer opportunity near you.

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