Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grand Opening - SLC HQ

I'm sorry I'm so late in writing this, but better late than never, right? Between the hustle and bustle of the season, having a sick child and then getting sick myself, this is my first chance.

These photos were from the Official Grand Opening of Obama HQ in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 8. We had over 200 people attend the event, even though we had a really bad snowstorm that morning. We signed up over 50 new volunteers. It was an amazing way to kick off the opening of the new office!  

Janet Lee made this wheel for people to spin to win prizes, such as bumper stickers.

Theo and Dianna spent 7 hours decorating these cookies!

Lots of us wrote why we support Senator Obama on this white board. It reads:
Why I Support Obama
An Optimistic Vision for America - Derek
Judgement / World View - Theo
Change for the better! - (Moni?)
Fresh Ideas -> Leadership, So Much More - (?) Nikki
Hope - Misty, Bill, Moni(?), Jenée
It's time for Barack Obama, and I believe in the Senator. Go Obama!
Integrity - Janet
No Health Mandate - J
Victory - Brett
New Direction
They say his lack of experience in Washington is a negative. I see it as a refreshing, positive sign. - Heloise (?)
Understanding of the people of the world. - Strider
Because he's cute and has funny ears. - Anonymous
Diplomacy - Kim
All of the above - Bill

Everyone that could crowded into the main reception hall while I spoke to them about why it is so important to volunteer time, and what kinds of ways they could help, and then Aaron elaborated on volunteering.

Aaron Wiley, Utah's Field Director, with Ivonna, our "Mamma for Obama" leader and her new baby.

One of three cakes we had for the reception. - Ready to Go!

One of three cakes we had for the reception. - Oops it should say Fired Up!

One of three cakes we had for the reception. - Obama '08

Much thanks to Nikki Norton for these photos! The rest of them are on Flickr. If you have more pictures, please let me know, or add them to the Flickr group! 

KSL covered the story, as did Channel 2.

If you haven't been down yet, stop by 1747 South 900 West, or call 801-88-Obama (801-886-2262) to let Aaron know you'd like to come down. And don't forget to volunteer to make phone calls! 

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