Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Participate in the FISA Flood

I just got this email from the ACLU. Join me in telling Harry Reid to do the right thing.
The Senate will soon vote on a bill to regulate the electronic eavesdropping on Americans. What we don't know is whether the Senate will be asked to take up a bill that was written closely with the Bush administration, or a more reasonable bill.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a choice to make. We need to tell him to make the right choice.

President Bush wants Congress to bury the truth by stopping pending lawsuits against phone companies that illegally handed over the phone calls and emails of Americans. Stopping lawsuits that could uncover the truth about illegal spying lets him off the hook. And it gives no incentives for companies to follow the law in the future. Tell Senator Reid to bring up reasonable bill that does not let lawbreakers off the hook, a bill that brings spying in line with the Constitution.

Tell Senator Reid to bring up a reasonable bill that does not let lawbreakers off the hook, and does not let the government seize your phone calls and emails without a warrant.

Senator Reid needs to hear from every American who wants him to stand up for our privacy and not let phone companies off the hook. You can take action by signing a petition to Senator Reid now.


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