Monday, December 31, 2007

Obama Happenings

Iowa Watch Party at HQ
The first primary of the 2008 presidential election is kicking off this Thursday, January 3 in Iowa. Bring your family and friends, and join Barack Obama staff and supporters at the Utah Headquarters and watch history happen live!

We will be gathering starting at 6 PM, and we expect news of the election results to begin coming in at 7 PM and continue throughout the evening while we cheer Senator Obama on from here in Utah. We'e working on getting a staffer or two to call and tell us on speakerphone what is going on, and how much energy they are seeing.

Feel free to bring a snack or drinks to share, but please join us either way.

We'll be watching on the tv in the gathering area, as well as on the projector in the meeting room.

You can sign up here.

Elko, Nevada trip for Caucus
I'm coordinating trips for people who want to go to Elko, NV to volunteer the weekend of their caucus (January 19). Details can be found here. Make sure you give me your contact information, so I can help you find a carpool (or help carpoolers find you if you're driving), as well as work on housing.

Photo Shoot
We're planning on taking photos of Obama supporters here in Utah to send in to the campaign on the afternoon of January 1. We'll be using the "Utah for Obama" flag that Janet Lee made, and trying to make sure we give the photo a distinctive "Utah" theme, to show the support that we have here. If you'd like to be a part of this, please let me know, and I'll get you the details as soon as they are finalized. Also, if you have photos of any event that we've done and haven't sent them to me in the past, please email them directly to me. I'm including it in the collection of photos from the past year, and passing some of them on to Chicago, as well.

Here is a cartoon from Mark Rothacher from earlier this week:

Iowa Staffers Coming to Utah
You've probably heard the Iowa Staffers are coming here to Utah after this Thursday, to stay until our primary on February 5. We still don't have housing, though! If you've got an extra room that you'd be willing to let one of them use, please let Aaron know. I have a bed that I can let them use, if someone has a room with no bed. We will also have Nevada Staffers coming here after January 19. Every little bit helps, so if you've got something available for part of that time, but not all, please talk to Aaron at (801) 803-0647.

Register to Vote By Mail
January 7 is the deadline to visit Utah's Election web site, and download either the regular registration form or the vote by mail form and get it mailed in. You can also pick up copies at HQ.

Help at the Office
If you can come down to the office to help with phone calls or anything else that needs done, call Aaron at (801) 803-0647. He needs to make sure someone is there from 9 am to 9 pm daily through the primary. We're also still in need of a couple of computers.

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