Friday, December 28, 2007

The Election is Coming, Can You Help?

Next Thursday is Iowa's primary. I can't believe it's here already! Anyway, after that, Senator Obama's campaign will be sending a few staffers here to Utah from Iowa. And they are going to need housing until our primary on February 5.

After Nevada's primary on January 19th, there will be even more staffers who will need housing until February 5.

If you or anyone you know can help by providing housing for Iowa and/or Nevada Obama staffers please call Aaron at the Utah headquarters at (801) 803-0647. Housing would preferably be in the Salt Lake City area so that these staffers could get to and from the Obama Utah office on 900 West and about 1700 South with ease.

We also need help staffing Obama Headquarters from 9 am to 9 pm daily through the primary. Again, Aaron would be the person to call if you'd like to help.

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