Thursday, December 20, 2007

Texas ... Puts Safety First ... In Evacuation?

According to the Wired News Danger Blog, Texas has come up with quite an interesting new evacuation plan.

Basically, in the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, people are going to have to submit to a background check before being rescued. This is so that sex offenders and those wanted by the police for whatever reason won't pose a risk to the rest of the evacuees. The Houston Chronicle has this quote:
"This will allow us to help them evacuate," Colley said of sex offenders and others wanted for crimes. "We're not going to leave anyone."

Oh, and "if you want" they'll give you an RFID tag to put on your wrist so you can be tracked. Now, you don't have to show identification to get on one of their evacuation buses, but you do have to give a name and they're allowed to ask you for ID. And the wrist bands are just to help you find your other family members once you've reached safety, that's all!

The Danger Room blog wraps up their story with this:
But, as evidenced in the comments section of the Chron’s story, privacy advocates are concerned. And what’s not explained is where all the sex-offenders and paroles end up? Their own facility? I’ll be communities are just lining up to host that type of “special needs” shelter.

Wow, I bet everyone in Texas feels so safe and reassured about their safety next time disaster strikes!

[Update]There's a movie they stole this idea from, but I can't think of what it is for the life of me. Anyone else?

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