Saturday, December 15, 2007

If You Think Bush Doesn't Consider Himself King, Read This

The Bush administration told a federal judge it was not obligated to preserve videotapes of CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists and urged the court not to look into the tapes' destruction.

In court documents filed Friday night, government lawyers told U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy that demanding information about the tapes would interfere with current investigations by Congress and the Justice Department.

The former Governor of Texas telling a federal judge to back off, and what is going to get done about it?

Later in the MSNBC article...
The administration has taken a similar strategy in its dealings with Congress on the issue. On Friday, the Justice Department urged Congress to hold off on questioning witnesses and demanding documents because that evidence is part of a joint CIA-Justice Department investigation.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey also refused to give Congress details of the government's investigation into the matter Friday, saying doing so could raise questions about whether the inquiry was vulnerable to political pressure.

Excuse me, is his refusal not proving that HE is vulnerable to political pressure (like we didn't already know that)?

It blows my mind that this is going on, and no one seems to be paying attention, or care. Impeach his ass.


  1. Bush is a megalomaniac, and so is Mukasey. It's these kind of people that we need to get rid of by banding together and voting--Republican or Democrat--for government representatives who have our interests at heart...instead of their own.

  2. And replace them with Janet "let them burn" Reno, and the rest of Clinton's thugs.....

    Please share with us your picks Misty...

  3. Frank,

    I completely agree with your sentiments. I wish that everyone would get informed and then vote. America would be a better place, and Bush would never have gotten a second term, and probably not even a first.


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