Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drunken Lemurs [Updated]

I had this posted in my office when it came out:

Just in case the image doesn't work... Dilbert is standing by a garbage man and asks him "Why does it seem as if most of the decisions in my workplace are made by a bunch of drunken lemurs?", to which the man replies "Decisions are made by the people who have the time, not people who have the talent". The final scene has Dilbert asking "Why are talented people so busy?" and gets the reply "They're fixing the problems made by people who have the time."

Apparently, the self-admitted Drunken Lemurs at the Catfish Bend Casino decided to lay a bunch of staff off, and one of their employees, David Steward, posted the cartoon on a bulletin board. These people with time, but no talent, were very offended at finding themselves represented in Dilbert, and fired Mr. Steward. It wound up in court, because they challenged his unemployment claim.

The judge, who apparently is not a Drunken Lemur, must have found this rather amusing, and sided with the employee.

Thankfully, my previous boss was not among the Drunken Lemurs crowd, because he found the comic amusing when I posted it at my cubicle.

[UPDATE] You may be interested in the moral of this story, as told by Dilbert author Scott Adams.

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  1. I couldn't handle a place that humorless. My current employer lets me hang posters in my cube without a word of protest.


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