Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ezra Klein Gets Set Straight

There just aren't words for this photo, but it was the perfect one to accompany a recent blog by Ezra Klein about an email he received in response to his recent criticism of Barack Obama. This was his commentary about the email:
In response to my recent posts on the various candidates and their approaches towards actually achieving change, I received this e-mail from an Obama supporter last night and I think it's worth posting in full. As preliminary commentary, Obama's commitment to good government and the increased availability of public documents online doesn't have a whole lot of bearing on short-term legislative change, but it's important in the long-term, and it speaks well of Obama that he's been focusing on it.

Additionally, I'm hearing supporters of a lot of candidates point to campaign finance reform as a cure-all, the "open sesame" which will unlock Congress's support for a progressive agenda. Serious campaign finance reform, however, is as hard to pass as universal health care or climate change legislation, so it doesn't really obviate the question -- indeed, how you pass such a bill is the question. All that said, I think my correspondent makes some good points, and his argument is worth reading in full.

I think this is a definite must-read for anyone who thinks that "change" is a buzzword.

On a sidenote, Joe Crimmings Photography has some amazing campaign photos.

(h/t to Jason The of The Sidetrack for pointing me to the photo and article.)


  1. Joe Crimmings08:43

    NICE photo! :)

  2. Love this picture.


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