Thursday, December 13, 2007

GOP Wages Their Own War Against Christmas (with video)

I'm a rare person who enjoys Christmas music. But, most people I know already can't stand it. Which really leads me to wonder how the Republican National Senatorial Committee thinks that abusing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with 50% outright lies and 50% twists on truth, with 100% horrid singers will help their cause.

(How many people actually get to the end of this? Do tell...)

For those of you who can't get to the end, or who choose to block out the horrific experience, here is what Christmas means to conservatives:
  • 12 senators failing
  • 11% approval
  • 10 paychecks burning
  • 90,000 freezing
  • no more secret ballots
  • 7000 billion in new spending
  • 6 troop funding cuts
  • Hillary's Woodstock museum
  • 4 bucks a gallon
  • Al Franken ranting
  • 2 liberal Udalls
  • A tax hike for every family

I really believe that they're waging their very own war on Christmas here. Because if Christmas is about politics and twisting things to get your way, I want nothing to do with it.

Happily, I have real Christmas carols on CD, and can go back to enjoying a traditional Christmas which is about Christ, and about family, and about love of fellow mankind.

(h/t Crooks and Liars)


  1. I made it all the way to the end, but this was almost worse than when you recently made Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" stick in my head for a week.

  2. Jeremiah12:27

    Oh, that was terrible. You said horrid singers, but my god! And how exactly is any of this the fault of liberals?

    This is a case study in what we call psychological projection (emphasis on the psycho).

    And I swear if I hear one more version of the 12 days of Christmas I'm going to put 12 rounds in someone's ass. (I'm one of those who hate Christmas songs, this one especially) :)


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