Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why are we still doing business with China? [Updated]

If they're not after our dogs or our toddlers, they're after our holidays.

Although the product is now being recalled, there are currently 43,000 sets of "Ugly Teeth" that have been sold here in the US with 100 times the "allowed" level of lead. Yeah, something we put directly in our mouths.

To make it worse, Nancy Nord, the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is being accused of failing to see the gravity of the situation, and opposing Democratic efforts to give her agency more money and more authority.

What would drive Ms. Nord to reject power and money? It certainly can't be the "good of the people" that her agency should be seeing to.

I'm ready to commit to not buying anything from China at all. I hear that's rather difficult, but I think it might be worth it. More on that later, as I decide whether I'm up to a firm commitment on this one.

[Update:] J.M. Bell answers the title question, with a look at the economics.

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