Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dave Annoys Me

Ok, so for whatever reason, I've never really liked Buhler's campaign sign or slogan. "I like Dave".

It seems so mediocre. I saw a billboard the other day, and did a Google search for Buhler, trying to see if he had a photo of the billboard on his web site. It came up with this ad at the top:
Dave Buhler for SLC Mayor
www.daveformayor.org Politics can be so full of labels. How bout reasonable? That's Dave.

I then visited his web site for the first time. It reminded me of the Flash ads that the local papers have on their classifieds sites (or used to, anyway) for Larry H Miller that auto-loaded and a "coach" started screaming at you to buy a car. It made me very glad I watch almost no tv, so I haven't had to put up with his campaign ads.

I didn't find the billboard there. But, a quick search for "Dave Buhler billboard" came up with a City Weekly blog about it. Unfortunately, I didn't see it with the graffiti, but at least there's a picture. Go there if you haven't seen it!

So, my point was that Buhler's billboard says "A lot gets done when you're reasonable" and "Vote for the reasonable guy". Between that and his slogan, I really get the feeling that he's asking everyone to settle. Ho-hum. No one "loves" Dave. But at least they like him. And he's plenty willing to compromise on just about anything, because he's reasonable. And a pushover, so that he can at least say he did something, even if it wasn't the right thing.

Not very good campaign marketing, if you ask me.

And what's the deal with these caricatures?

I really wish I could vote for SLC mayor. At least it's pretty apparent that Becker's going to win.


  1. Anonymous10:18

    I'm glad you can't vote for SLC mayor.

  2. Wow, Anonymous - you've left me shamed and wishing I could retract everything I said, because it really hurts to the core that you don't want me to vote. *sniff*

  3. I wish you could vote, Misty, because Dave is a complete doofus.

    Anyway, stopped by to give you a link to the "Socialized Medicine Quackery" article we put up a bad link to. Apparently WaPo took the article down in the early afternoon, without explanation, but we found a link to a PDF version you can download from Within Reason

  4. Thanks, Jason! (for the link and for reaffirming my views about Dorky Dave)

  5. I'm with you on Dave.

    Reasonable guys don't foam at the mouth every time there's a meeting of the government.


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