Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Green Graffiti

I found this on MAKE today, and I love it!

Inhabitat has a great write on artist Edina Tokodi's "green graffiti" Abigail writes -
Eco-minded street artist Edina Tokodi is putting a new spin on green guerilla tactics in the trendy art enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tokodi’s site-specific moss installations of prancing animal figures and camouflage outgrowths are the talk of a local urban neighborhood typically accustomed to gallery hype and commercial real estate take-overs. Unlike the market-driven art featured in sterile, white box galleries, the work of Tokodi is meant to be touched, felt, and in turn touch you in the playful ways that her animated installations call to mind a more familiar, environmentally friendly state in the barren patches of urban existence.

The Moss Graffiti also mentioned in the article rocks, and might solve an issue I'm having in my garden, at least until I can dig up half of the yard to fix it.

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