Tuesday, October 02, 2007

'08 Bumper Stickers

  • My Other Car is The Straight Talk Express (which is a car now, because they cannot afford the bus)

  • The Angel Moroni is my copilot.

  • America must end its dependence on foreign gas, grass, and ass.

  • “Well-behaved women seldom marry Rudy Giulaini.”

  • If this van’s Baracking, withdraw from Iraq(ing)

  • Honk if You Regret Your Vote Authorizing the War

  • If you can read this, Tom Tancredo might not deport you

  • Ask me about Ron Paul, the North American Union, "the security and prosperity project," and/or the secretive "American currency union." Actually, just talk to me, please, I am desperately lonely.

  • I'm like Hillary - Do not try to pass me on the right OR the left

  • Ron Paul - Not the 'W'orst Texas can do.

  • Another crazy old man for Mike Gravel!

  • Kucinich '08:
    Because America Deserves a First Lady Who's A Smokin' Hot Fox

  • Obama '08: Sexier without a shirt than the French President

  • If you're insane vote McCain.

  • My other car is covered in dogshit

  • Pelosi '07

  • 1.20.09 The end of an error

  • Our next president should be fluent in at least one language

  • elect ability

  • Join the GOP, there's plenty of room in the closet

  • (not)Bush/(not)Cheney '08

  • Re-elect Gore 2008

  • Have you Googled Ron Paul?

  • I think, therefore I vote

  • Fred Thompson - Southern Fried Reagan

  • When Bush took office gas was $1.46

  • Obama - this time I want a smart president

  • Obama - Because a president's IQ should be 3 digits

  • Megatron/Starscream '08

  • Bush's third term: prison

  • Had enough? Vote Democrat

Feel free to add to the list.

Disclaimer: I saw some of these on Wonkette first, but the collection is all over the net, and I added to it.

1 comment:

  1. Do they have to be real bumper stickers? How about this attitude:

    Shut up, elect Rudy, he can win - 9/11


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