Monday, October 01, 2007

A Load of Crap

I've read a lot of blogs today that have made me so mad that I couldn't comment for fear I'd call them f*^%tards and not be able to help myself.

Here's an example. Craig, of KVNU, diagrees with Huntsman's actions, or lack thereof, so he brings up something totally unrelated:
This has me pretty aggravated. The Governor, who campaigned on vouchers, and signed them into law, is choosing to keep a low profile during the current debate.

He claims that it’s enough for him to state his support for vouchers when asked about it, and to personally vote for it in November. But as a voucher proponent, I say that’s not nearly enough. Since he campaigned on this issue, what he’s doing now, in abandoning vouchers in the 11th hour, amounts to breaking his campaign promise in my eyes.

It’s not as if he’s too busy to campaign for it. All he’s been doing recently is pushing his ridiculous “Lights Out” program and attending meetings on climate change, neither of which will have any effect on his constituents.

If he doesn’t want to come out and fight for the voucher program over the next month, then I see no reason why I should support him next November.

Ok, the last paragraph I can understand. Don't vote for someone who doesn't do things the way you want them to. That's kinda why we vote, right? But he starts off complaining that Huntsman's not doing enough on the voucher issue, and then implies that Huntsman is turning all liberal or something, and he's spending so much time on climate change that he's neglecting his duty to support vouchers. Ok, idiotic, yes. But what really got me is that Craig actually believes that "Lights Out" and climate change will have NO EFFECT on Huntsman's constituents. Is that because the only people that count in this state are the ultra-right wing conservatives who think that climate change is a hoax? None of the rest of us (or logic) matters. I'm just so dumb-founded by this utterly ridiculous notion of some sort of supremacy granting these people special knowledge of things that contradict reality.

Then there's the debate on Mathias' blog. Apparently, there's a group that wants to take care of a chimp but were told that the chimp's guardians had to apply to court for that, but then were told that the chimp couldn't have a guardian because it wasn't a person. Very odd story about people trying to use strange loopholes in the law to get a problem resolved. However, Dave, in the comments somehow tied chimps into homosexuality, saying "Suddenly, all the slippery slope arguments about gay "marriage" aren't sounding so silly after all."

The conversation only got more confusing from there. I started to reply, pointing out that the root of Christianity and Islam is one and the same, and that it's absurd to react the way some of the commenters on the blog did, but again, I just couldn't post because I was a little irritated, a little bewildered, and mostly I don't think my comments were going to change the attitudes of these people, so I gave up. I guess that was the most Christian thing I could do, because God never asked me to force reason and love on anyone else, He just asked me to show them. But it still makes me mad to see bigotry in the name of God.

The Utah blog-o-sphere seems to be full of IT today, but thankfully, several of my favorite bloggers wrote something worth reading.

Ok, venting done, I feel better.


  1. I'm glad you refrained from calling me a ^*)$%&@.

    We can disagree on the potential effects of climate change, but we should agree that the actions Huntsman is taking will have little effect on the issue. Especially the lights out thing. Rocky Mountain Power confirmed that it had no effect.

  2. I can't agree with you on that one, actually. There may have been no effect on the power grid, but that wasn't exactly the point of the whole thing. A single hour on a single night really isn't anything in the grand scheme of things. But, since I wasn't home at the time, my boyfriend went ahead without me to begin Lights Out. He has always known about doing things like unplugging phone adapters and other various powered items, because they draw power even when they're not really in use. (He's got a degree in electronics) But, when he did Lights Out, he thought about how many "little" things like that were around the house, and we've put in power strips so that we can cut the power to items like that, and we're both far more conscious about turning out lights than we had been before. I got rid of a coffee pot that kept water heated all the time. Things like that will have an effect, because it helps change the overall attitude of society. Even if only 5% of Salt Lake did anything for Lights Out, maybe next time it'll be 10%, and the conscious thought about this will continue to grow.

    And you're welcome for not calling you names. It wasn't you particularly that I was frustrated with, it's people in general, yours just happened to be the blog that put it over the top for that day. :)

  3. Misty, Lights Out has had the same effect in my household. We have started unplugging electronic items even when they're off, and we've been extra diligent about lights, and just overall more mindful about saving energy.

    P.S. You know what's funny about the Huntsman/voucher thing? About every third word in the PCE radio ad is "Governor Huntsman." There's no mention of the legislature -- which tells you how PCE perceives Huntsman's popularity vs. our esteemed legislature's.

    P.P.S. Are you on the bloghive?

  4. Was gonna ask the same thing. I don't see your posts on the Bloghive or NewsNet.

    You should be on there, though. This post deserves the readership.

    I noticed Tom at KVNU (the one I like to call "the smart one") has put your response up in a post of it's own.

    Well said.

  5. I submitted myself to Bloghive a couple of months ago, but since I'm not there, I figure they don't want me. I don't know what NewsNet is, though. I'll look it up.

  6. Any word from the Bloghive people yet? I think they sometimes miss requests, and can be a bit slow to respond.

    I read your post from today about women bloggers and I think that is one more reason you need to be on there! That's a fairly important discussion to have, and you are the first to bring attention to it.

    If they don't get back to you, maybe we could get a "Put Saintless On the Hive" petition going.

  7. Jason,

    I haven't heard anything from them. I will try again, though.


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