Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Teachers Can't Take Time Off To Vote

KCPW says that Utah's two largest school districts won't be letting their teachers off to vote on Election Day specifically because of the educational issues on the ballot.

Is this even legal? If there's a precedence of teachers taking time off to vote on Election Day, can they stop them this time? I'm floored that they'd try this. Seems to me that there's a whole can of worms they've opened.


  1. That is interesting/surprising. It may be legal, depending on the hours that the polls are open.

    "20A-3-103. (2) This section does not apply to an employee who has three or more hours between the time polls open and close during which the employee is not employed on the job."

    If the polls are open for more than 3 hours outside the times that teachers are expected to work then it looks like the districts can do this.

  2. Interesting. Thanks for looking that up, David.

  3. To follow up on David's comment, polls are open from 7Am - 8 PM.


  4. And what are teacher's hours considered to be? How many of them have Parent Teacher Conferences this week? I guess maybe not many, since I'm not hearing any uproar about it...


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