Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The best of what the Democratic Party is all about

Rob posted Wayne Holland's remarks to the Committee on Education and Labor. As I read through it, I couldn't help but think that Wayne represented the best of what the Democratic Party is all about. He is standing up for people who can't do it themselves, making a way for them to be able to in the future. Sometimes we (Democrats) are accused of wanting to support people who just won't do it for themselves, but this is part of why I think that view is skewed.

The workers in that mine, and other non-union mines around the country, cannot speak up when there's an unsafe condition, or they think something is wrong. This could easily be traced politically to lay blame. While accountability is needed, the issue of the future has to be addressed too. The way things stand, they would lose their jobs if they spoke up, and today people are dead because of it - we can't let more people die when there's something we can do about it. So, Wayne is speaking up for them, asking the House to implement already existing laws, and protect them further with new ones. He wants those people to be able to speak up without fear of losing their jobs, so that they don't have to also live with the fear of losing their lives when it could be prevented.

That's why I believe in the Democratic Party the way I do right now. I don't think it's always perfect, or that it aligns with every ideal I have. But, when it comes down to it, the Democratic Party stands up for people who can't do it on their own, and brings society together to make it better as a whole. And the big picture is the one that matters.

So, thank you Chairman Holland, for this, and everything you do.

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