Friday, October 12, 2007

Congratulations to President-Elect Al Gore

I know there are a million blogs and news articles about Gore's win of the Nobel Peace Prize. And I bet very few will refrain from somehow mentioning his past win of the US presidency or his theoretical entry into the presidential race for '08. I don't have anything new to add. Anyone with half a brain knows he won last time, and wants him to enter the race again. (Side note: the problem is, we have a major brain shortage in America right now)

Anyway - I highly recommend that everyone read just one more article.

To Al Gore, I thirst to drink from the cup of intelligence

Upon logging on and seeing “Gore Wins” meaning the Nobel Peace Prize, just seeing the word wins was an uplifting experience. In reading the news article, it was good to see how the writer defined the 2000 presidential race, “He was the Democratic nominee in 2000 and won the general election popular vote. However, Gore lost the electoral vote to George W. Bush after a legal challenge to the Florida result that was decided by the Supreme Court.” Not as other articles in this past seven years have stated, which have read, Gore lost the election to George W. Bush.

She goes on to talk about the Draft Gore movement, and gives us this quote from Gore:
And I want to tell you what I tell them: Sometimes people who are very idealistic and have great dreams, as young people do, are apt to stay at arm's length from the political process because they think their good hearts might be brittle, and if they invest their hopes and allow themselves to believe, then they're going to be let down and disappointed. But thank goodness we've always had enough people who have been willing in every generation to push past the fear of a broken heart and become deeply involved in forming a more perfect union. We're America. And we believe in our future, and we know we have the ability to shape our future.

Definitely an article worth reading.


  1. I love Obama, Misty, you know I do, but, in my heart, the ticket I want to see is:

    GORE / CLARK 2008

    a very close second, is:


  2. I liked Clark prior to his endorsement of Hillary. That was some pretty bad judgement, and I honestly can't understand why he did it. Yeah, I would like to have seen him endorse Obama, but I wouldn't have been upset if it had gone to someone like Edwards or Richardson or something.

    I think Gore's out for '08, though. It's too late to get on the ballots, or will be soon, for most states. I am sad about that, though. But, in my mind, it means he thinks a worthy candidate is running. Just my thoughts, though.


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