Friday, October 26, 2007

SCHIP and Republicans

I ran across a diary posted to Daily Kos today about SCHIP, where it talks about the "GOP war against children".

I posted this comment:
GOP War Against Children?
Ummm, I totally agree with SCHIP, and I think Bush is an ass for vetoing it. Every Republican that voted against it joins Bush in being asses. But I REALLY hate the phrase "war against children", it's right up there with the "war on Christmas". Using that phrase plays right into their hands. Now it's not an issue of children's health care, it's politics. And that phrase is what Faux News would have called it, if the tables were turned.

If Democrats in general choose to play politics in this manner, they're no better than the Republicans. We have to be the party that's right, not the party that manages to demonize the other, or we'll accomplish nothing, and we won't remain in the majority for long.

Here are the two replies I received:
Baloney--it IS war, stop sugar coating everything
Like it or not, no matter how they cry and scream and howl, the Republicans have declared war on anyone and everyone they've declared to be irrelevant to society (which pretty much means everyone but themselves and the deep pockets that are funding them).

Sorry, lying down on the floor acting like a doormat while the Republicans kick our asses isn't going to cut it for those impressionable votes that we're after.

the GOP understands only the language of attacks, character assassination, smear, fear and demonization.
Though I agree we should never stoop to their lowly loser level, we do have to be tough, relentless and unforgiving where the GOP, its ideologies and policies are concerned.

I'm just dumbfounded that these same people who, a year ago, were crying in their beer that the Republicans were playing dirty politics think it's ok to turn around and do the same thing. I have to say, not all Democrats are doing this, but those that are just piss me off. And beyond that, they won't accomplish a damn thing with it. In fact, they'll probably hinder the efforts of the rest of us. No wonder people get burnt out about politics. This is why it took me about 10 years of being an adult to get involved.

And while I'm ranting, this is exactly why I don't trust Hillary in the White House. To me, she feels like one of "those" sorts of Democrats, and I want someone in there that I can trust to take the high road, and be about more than winning.

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  1. Way to go Misty. You are exactly right. There are people in both parties who feel that way - that their party has to be right and not just demonize the opposition.

    This is exactly how I felt when Karl Rove was calling anyone unamerican who opposed the decision to invade Iraq.


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