Monday, October 22, 2007

Not My Emergency

KCPW says that a "mix-up" in the Utah State Leg means that low-income Utahns can't have new glasses this year, even though there has been money allocated for it.
A legislative mix-up has tied-up 174-thousand dollars intended to buy glasses for Medicaid patients in Utah. State lawmakers made that funding contingent on a patient co-pay of ten-dollars. But federal rules only allow three-dollar co-pays for Medicaid patients.

Apparently, this situation can be fixed with a special session, but no one wants to step up to the problem.

This isn't a minor thing. I wear glasses. I wouldn't be able to drive without them. I wouldn't be able to function, really. The money is there. The fact that the co-pay was supposed to be $3, and not $10, wasn't new or even unavailable information. It was overlooked. So, the people that overlooked it need to get their asses back to the capitol and get it fixed.

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