Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Weeks, huh?

I didn't realize it's been weeks since I posted anything. I hope everyone doesn't give up on me.

I'm in the middle of moving. Well, I'm not quite to the middle, actually. I'm at the part where I'm staying with my sister, and looking for a new place. So, if anyone knows of a 3 or more bedroom home that will allow my 2 cats in, and is near SLC downtown, or possibly Sugar House, please let me know. I'd also like to be able to have a large, well-trained dog, but that part is negotiable.

I'll be back to blogging, soon! I can't wait to write about the two candidates for the Legislative seat in District 28. Having met with both of them, I'll just say it's great to have two great candidates on our side, going for Roz's old seat. And I'm running for National Delegate. So, there's just no way I can go without posting for much longer.

See ya soon!

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  1. Yeah, it was getting kind of lonely out here. JMBell has gotten busy too it seems. We were surrounded by Republicans!

    Welcome back, good luck with the move and getting the Delegate selection.


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