Friday, April 18, 2008

One Way or Another

If the Super Delegates don't follow the advice from Howard Dean mentioned in my previous post, we still have the opportunity to wrap up the Democratic Presidential Primary next Tuesday, in Pennsylvania.

You can help by making phone calls to Pennsylvania undecided voters. The first opportunity is to join Utah for Obama on Saturday to Phone Bank for Obama.
*Bring your own CELL PHONE*

Please join Utah for Obama for a Get Out The Vote phone banking session! We will be calling Pennsylvania. Change can’t happen without you!

The Obama campaign has asked us to make these calls, in an effort to get them out to vote! Please join us on Saturday, April 19 at The Pleasure Palace, to make phone calls from lists provided by the campaign. You do need to provide your own cell phone. We will not be able to provide any phones.

If you live too far away to attend, and would like help hosting your own phone banking party, please contact us.
Time:Saturday, April 19 at 1:00 PM
Duration:3 hours
Host:Misty Fowler
Contact Phone:801-386-7729
Location:The Pleasure Palace (Salt Lake City, UT)
780 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
View Map:
You can also make calls from your home (which isn't quite as much fun as joining the group on Saturday, but will still be enjoyable and helpful to the campaign!)

There are only five days left to go before the state's April 22nd primary, but there are still countless undecided Pennsylvania voters.

Like you, many of these voters are tired of the distractions and negative campaign tactics that we’ve seen over the last few weeks, and are eager to discuss real issues that effect Pennsylvanians and Americans across the country.

This morning, we launched a new calling campaign targeting these undecided voters. In conjunction with our Get Out the Vote operation on the ground, we’re making an effort to reach out to undecided voters throughout Pennsylvania and raise the level of debate.

With one on one contact, we can cut through the spin and the distractions to talk about real issues and real change. No matter where you are, you can help by making calls to Pennsylvania to share your story and to talk about why you support Barack.

It only takes a minute to get started making calls using our online phonebanking tools. There are five days left to make a difference in Pennsylvania – five days to let Pennsylvania voters know that their voices are being heard, and that their vote can make a difference.

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