Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Outrageous Treatment of FLDS - Guilty Until Proven Innocent? (Update 1)

I'm absolutely appalled that America is just standing by and watching as the children and parents of the FLDS are treated as criminals. Here's what I know of the situation (please enlighten me on anything I might be missing):

And then, they're all subjected to DNA tests to figure out how the community fits together?

This is the worst violation of basic human rights that I can imagine our country coming up with, short of declaring these people to be "3/5 human"! If there are abuses going on, and I'm sure that there are, is the way to prevent this to round up hundreds of the victims themselves and subject them to massive human rights violations? I fully consider depriving the infants from their mother's milk to be an aggressive act of abuse.

This is America. We sit in our warm, cozy houses thinking we have the perfect country, where our human rights are protected more than anywhere else in the world, and watch this debacle unfold on television, where it seems more like an HBO special happening to fictitious characters than something horrible happening to US citizens.

This is not right. And the most I've seen anyone suggest that I can do about it is sign an online petition sure to get ignored. I don't want to sit on my hands about this. Yet, what else can I do? This is a sad day for Democracy.

Update 1: Well, if you think that the Houston Rockets basketball team are responsible for the FLDS mess, there's another option. KSL reports that some are planning to protest the Jazz vs Rockets game, along with stalking the players at their hotel rooms. Brilliant!


  1. Anonymous14:49

    I fully consider raping a 14 year old because she's been "assigned" to you by a wierdo is outrageous.

  2. Anonymous, you may want to consider reading your posts before you hit that "publish" button, next time. If I understand your point, though, I have to fully agree with you. I am all for prosecuting anyone involved with such things. That's not what's happening, though.

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