Monday, April 14, 2008

Hall of Shame

I'm proud to admit that I've joined Wing Coop's Hall of Shame. Recently recommended by City Weekly, my sister and I set out to prove that we are "not chicken".

We went to the Olympus Hills location Saturday afternoon, along with Jacob, and ordered the "11 in 11", which consists of 11 damn hot wings. You can drink all you want prior to beginning the wings, but once you start, there is no food or drink or even ranch dip to cool your burning mouth until you're done! If you finish within 11 minutes, you get a free t-shirt and your (red-faced) photo up on their "Wall of Shame". I've always liked hot food, and I have to say that their sauce is great! It's extremely hot, but it's got a lot of flavor, too. Apparently, there are 11 spices in the sauce, which is where the name comes from.

If you ever decide to try your tastebuds at it, have a jug of milk ready for when you finish. And prepare to let your sinuses run! And note that when they say that it helps to be crazy, they aren't kidding.

Apparently, they had a lot of response to being in City Weekly, so the t-shirt is on backorder, but when I get it, I'll be sure to post a photo of me proudly displaying my free advertising souvenir.

I definitely plan to go back for more, but next time, I'll be enjoying them with a side of ranch and a beer at a much more leisurely pace. If hot isn't your thing, there are plenty of other options, including the mild teriyaki flavor, to enjoy.

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