Friday, April 18, 2008

Amusing Retail Packaging/Instructions

First up is a CD case I recently bought:

Geez, how is it I'm supposed to carry this CD case around again?

Next is the Dyson vacuum head.

Look close, and tell me exactly how these instructions are supposed to translate? I won't even start with the amazingly difficult instructions, where we're told not to vacuum up objects while they're on fire...

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  1. Misty, you are not the only one with this problem. Just recently I bought myself a new Sony disc man and the packaging was just too much for me. Trying to remove the shrink wrap of it with a knife and I ended up scratching it. The entire look was spoiled and as far as the instructions are concerned I see what you mean. I went on research then thought of putting the internet to use and I came up with some 3rd party solution providers. These had some fine competitive solutions like for example from abc packaging not to mention that they had some sane printing methods as well in which the instruction were fairly simple enough to be read by every one.
    Afterwards I started wondering when there are such good 3rd party solution providers why don’t the industries go for it then. Abc packaging is not the only one of its kinds die line and many more are out there as well maybe its just the people selling products don’t want to spend more cash. But then they are decreasing there own sales the way they are currently going saying that I will avoid buying shrink wrapped products as you most probably will not go with these funny instructions one.


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