Friday, April 25, 2008

Nationwide Voter Drive - Update with Video

I should have blogged this one earlier, but well...I've been too busy planning the damn thing to tell anyone about it.

So, Utah for Obama is taking part in the 50-state Voter Registration Drive on May 10. Since the date happens to correspond with Utah's Democratic State Convention, Wayne Holland has been nice enough to let us mix it up with the convention. Of course, that is because Democratic voter registration benefits the party, and not just the Obama campaign. Hell, if Obama were to disappear into a black hole, leaving Hillary to get her hands on the Democratic nomination, that would mean voter registration would benefit her, too.

Anyway, the really great thing about this is that on one of the planning conference calls for this event, I got to hear the Deputy Campaign Manager talk about why the Obama campaign is doing this. They still have the last few straggler states to get votes in, so why worry about the General Election this early? Well, it's because Obama isn't trying to win the office of President. He's got much grander plans than that, and it involves you and me, and every level of the Democratic Party across the country. He's very serious about making sure that Democrats win every seat and office available to them in the nation, because that will help us to accomplish our goals. Registering voters is just a first step in that.

And registering voters on May 10 is just the first time, we'll continue registering voters through the fall.

So, if you want to volunteer for this event, please let us know. I'll be posting more information about this soon, but since it's already making news, I thought I'd at least blog the basics. We're still setting up the committee that will handle this event, and the ones in the future, so all the details aren't available quite yet.

Update: The campaign's announcement about this is now out. Check out this video with Barack talking about the importance of voter registration.

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  1. If you can use any organization help for areas north of Salt Lake City, drop us an email.

    This is very cool!


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