Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things You Must Read - Your Random Tuesday Edition

This first item just leaves me speechless. Martha Stewart bought the rights to Emeril Lagasse! I can't tell from the story if she purchased from Emeril himself, or if the rights belonged to Food Network. Either way, I hope this doesn't change anything!

Val Kilmer apparently has a new gig - Kitt, as in Knight Rider. Apparently, it's only redeeming feature is that the bad guys are the BlackRiver Security Corporation, who are attempting to take over the world. I may just have to watch.

As far as Pledged Delegates go, many of us have been up in arms that there is a very real possibility that pledged delegates, and not citizen voters, may determine the outcome of the Democratic nomination. How pissed would you be if one of the campaigns planned to try to sway pledged delegates to the other side? You heard me - pledged delegates, not unpledged. To
flip or not to flip?

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Snelgrove Ice Cream is going the way of the dodo bird. Speaking of the Trib, does anyone else have an issue with their "Was this article worthwhile" question? The way most people seem to be using it is to indicate if they like or dislike the subject of the article, or the views presented therein. So, since I don't like the idea of Snelgrove going buh-bye, if I go with the crowd, I would hit the thumbs-down. However, since I'm glad the Trib reported this, shouldn't I be giving it a thumbs-up? They should refine the question somehow.

Tomorrow evening, a total eclipse of the moon is expected starting around 6:45 PM until 10 PM. More information about watching the eclipse from various parts of the state is available on the Trib.

In case you're bored, Woot has come up with a Best of the Worst List for your jaw-dropping pleasure.

And as a final note, watch Brit Hume talk about Michelle Obama:

As C&L said:
Ya know, I thought we’d hit bottom on right wing stupid with Glenn Beck’s “ugly women are progressive” comment. Guess what? The admittedly lovely Michelle Obama?[...]
Brit? It takes a lot to out-stupid Glenn Beck. Congratulations, my friend.

I just think it's hilarious that this seems to be the worst that the right-wing can throw at the Obamas. No wonder the polls say Obama would definitely win against McCain.

On that note - Good luck to Senator Obama in Wisconsin and Hawai'i tonight!

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