Monday, February 18, 2008

I know, I suck

I won't be abandoning my blog forever, and I hope everyone will forgive my little hiatus from blogging. The last year of the Obama campaign really wore me out, and I didn't realize how much until Super Tuesday was over. February 5 was a goal and when it got here, and was so successful, I was thrilled. But, being able to know that if I don't check my email for an entire weekend, nothing will blow up, has been a huge mental relief. Combining that freedom with getting a new puppy, having my youngest son's 8th birthday, and getting back to relationships I've ignored has left me without as much time to pay attention to all things Obama and all of my online buddies. Oh, and the email! Since Super Tuesday, every mailing list I'm on has gone into hyperdrive. I've been using Google filters to move stuff out of my inbox. I'm not really reading much of it, but once I finish sorting it, I think I'll be able to keep up with it again. Once that's done, and I catch up on reading local blogs (I can't possibly miss a post from JM Bell or the Utah Amicus or many others, so they're sitting marked as unread in my RSS reader), I will be back. So will "Things you must read". :)

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